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Marla J. Noel spent over 25 plus years in corporate life running several small businesses. The most recent business, a Cemetery and Mortuary helped provide fodder for her current novel, The Cemetery Trail, an exciting story of intrigue, a serial killer and hidden treasure. Marla’s story telling began in her younger years. Marla made up stories to share with friends at slumber parties. Marla’s love for reading began with her father reading to her sisters and her growing up.After Marla obtained her Masters from Chapman University twenty years ago, she started to write.

After her first try, she knew she needed help and enrolled in writing classes at the University of California in Irvine. From there, Marla joined one of her writing teachers, Barbara DeMarco Barrett’s writing classes. Marla’s book, The Cemetery Trail, has been in the works for over ten years.

Marla is digging in to the second book in the Cemetery Trail series. Marla’s short story, New Talents, was most recently published in a book of short stories titled Writing in Place, stories from the pandemic. She also has a couple of essays in Orange Coast magazine. Marla dabbles in short stories, as well, which range from thriller to YA. Samples of her writing can be found on her website,

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