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Marla J Noel


I am a writer with a penchant for mystery and fantasy. I enjoy spinning tales and creating characters to take you on a spin through an adventure. 

After running a cemetery/mortuary, I have some experiences from which to build stories, none of which happened, I can assure you. 

I love to read and enjoy the chance to create experiences to take the reader out of the worries of today into the excitement of a treasure hunt or the challenges of solving a murder.

As founder of OC Growth Advisors, (, I work with businesses to improve focus and processes for growth and greater profitability. I have run several successful organizations. As a Board member for two for-profit businesses, I have foundational experience in proven Board practices. In addition, I’ve served on several non-profit boards. With a passion for business, I can be a partner for the business owner without the challenges of having a partner. I am a Talent Optimizer with Predictive Index, which is a great tool to help you Hire and Inspire your team. I am a WPO Chair, Women Presidents’ Organization. I am a CPA and an MBA and am an adjunct professor at Chapman as well as instruct at UCI.

Marla Noel

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